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Happy Birthday [ profile] ladycrystal_c !!!! *hugs you tightly*

I hope you have an awesome day bb, with everything you wish for <3
Love you girl :D

p.s. I wanted to send you Sam and Dean to your house as a bi present, but it didn't work :p
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Yesterday I finished reading a Queer as Folk story and I'm completely in love with it :)
The fic was written by Wren on moonshadow tribe

About the fic:

Title: Experiment
Pair: Brian/Justin
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Brian is experimenting with something. He needs Justin's help.

This story is really cute and so well written :)
If you're interested you can find the rest of Wren's work here.

*hugs everyone*
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To everyone who has an account on youtube:

Yesterday Cynthia (misscynthia17) had her account suspended :/ I hate YT sometimes!!
So Cyn has an amazing talent to make videos and I watched every Merlin and Queer as Folk videos she did. This fandoms were not the only ones she did, but this one are my obsession :p

Here is the link for Cynthia's new account :

Go sub!!! you won't regret it, believe me :)

*hugs guys*
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I just want to wish an happy birthday to the amazing [ profile] ckll ! *hug you, hun*

I hope you have a great day, sweetie :D

*Hugs you even tighter*
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I read this in [ profile] cha 's journal and I think it's important to spread the word so we can stop it!

So, if you are a writer you should this post by [ profile] ou_peachus :  *sorry for the ugly link, by the way*  apparently, someone is posting stolen stories on LJ and
If you click on the link you can check if your work was stolen too.

And now what I think... this people really don't have anything better to do. Because if they had, they wouldn't be fucking with people honest work.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] sadritsuka12 !!!

I hope you have a great day, sweetie :D *hugs and kisses*


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