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Day 11 - Your Favorite Quote

This one is almost impossible to choose, the all show is full of great quotes. But I have to choose one, so my favorite quote is......

My Favorite Quote )
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Day 10 - Your Favorite Sam/Other Death Scene

The scene I choose today is probably one anyone would expect me to choose xD But I choose it not because of the person who died, but for Dean's reaction to his death.
So, my favorite Sam *yup* death scene is........

My Favorite Sam Death Scene )
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Day 9 - Your Favorite Dean Death Scene

I, actually, change my mind about this one xD since not to long ago my favorite scene was the one in the last episode of season 3, but now it isn't!
So, my favorite Dean death scene is........

My Favorite Dean Death Scene )
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I'll better post this now, before my computer decides to stop working again O.o

Day 8 - Your Favorite Sam Crying Scene

I think Sam is a character that shows his emotions easily, but for some reason this one I like the best :)
It's a really sad scene and I cried like an idiot, again xD
So, my favorite Sam crying scene is..........


My Favorite Sam Crying Scene )


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This post is late, so sorry, but my computer decided to stop working *stupid laptop*

Day 7 - Your Favorite Dean Crying Scene

I think Dean is an interesting character, because he is full od emotions but most of the time you have to read between the lines to see them. This crying scene is one of the most heartbreaking scenes, in my opinion, and Dean shows his emotion completely!
So my favorite Dean crying scene is...........

My Favorite Dean Crying Scene )

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Day 6 - Your Least Favorite Episode

Well, this one is kind of easy to answer.. I have an episode I hate really hard, the only one believe me. *sorry icelily for stealing this too*
So, the episode is.........

My Least Favorite Episode )
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Day 5 - Your Favorite Episode

I have a lot of episodes that I can't stop watching, but the one that I love the most is.........

My Favorite Episode )
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Day 4 - Your least favorite season

Okay, first I have to say that I LOVE every season of SPN, they're all great :D
but I have to choose one, so, my least favorite season is..........

My least favorite season )

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Day 3 - Your Favorite Season

Well, it's kind of hard to choose this one.... All of them are very important to the show and they're all great, different, but still great!
So, I thought in every season and I had to chose one without killing my brain. And my favorite season is........


My favorite Season )


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Day 2 - Your least favorite character

Okay, this one is a little hard to answer, but, with a lot of thinking, I decided to choose two characters. One of them I really really HATE, completely! And the other, I just don't like a little, I guess I can say it like that xD

So, the two characters are........

Least Favorite Characters )
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Thanks to [ profile] icelily01  for letting me steal this from her journal *grins*

Day 1 - Your Favorite Character

Well, this one is not really hard to choose, because I have one character I love since the Pilot :D *crazy fangirl*
So, my favorite character is........

Favorite Character )


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